CFB Halifax Base Divisions

Capt(N) Mazur (left) and Base Chief CPO1 Kent Gregory (right) present a Base Commander’s Commendation to CPO2 Michael Culligan, one of a number of honours and awards presented at the Divisions ceremony.

Honours and awards presented at CFB Halifax Base Divisions

By Ryan Melanson,
Trident Staff

Efforts have been made over recent months to hold Base Divisions more regularly at CFB Halifax, and the trend is continuing into the new year. The latest Divisions were held on January 15, with members from various base units on parade at the Willow Park Armoury.

Base Commander Capt(N) David Mazur presided over the ceremony, and used the opportunity to speak to his members about the busy year ahead, while also encouraging everyone to work with their chains of command to find time for health and personal development.

He lauded base units for consistently excelling in the behind-the-scenes work that supports operations at sea, in the air, and on land, pointing to the recent departure of HMCS Fredericton for a six-month Op REASSURANCE deployment as an example an operation carried out with a great deal of support from the base.

“It’s going to continue to be a busy year for us, but I’m confident we’ll keep on functioning well and supporting operations, just as we always have,” he said.

Base Divisions also gives an opportunity for the Base Commander to present members with honours and awards, which included Commendations, Canadian Forces Decorations, and NATO bars and medals.

Capt(N) Mazur said a benefit of holding the ceremonies consistently is that deserving members get presented with their honours or awards in a more timely manner, adding that the base is now back on track after a backlog of presentations had built up over recent years.

“I’m happy to see that we’ve caught up, and we’re getting together more often to get people that important recognition. It’s important to get in front of our peers to recognize who we are, what we do, and all that we’ve achieved along the way.”

Awards included a Vice Chief of Defence Staff Commendation, which was presented by Capt(N) Mazur to MWO Leigh Joiner, the Company Sergeant Major for CFB Halifax BLog TEME. MWO Joiner was awarded for the countless hours he’s contributed as a volunteer with various Royal Canadian Army Cadet Corps, providing a positive influence along with his mentorship and expertise in military training.

A Base Commander’s Commendation was also presented, with CPO2 Michael Culligan receiving the award for his accomplishments in his current role as the Assistant Base Chief Petty Officer and as the Vice-President of the Base Chiefs’ and Petty Officers’ Mess. CPO2 Culligan was credited for his supervision and mentorship of base staff and his promotion of the welfare of NCMs across the Formation.

Further presentations included:

  • The SSM-NATO Bar, awarded to WO Rachel Boucher, LS Matthew O’Flynn, and MWO Hamel.
  • The Sea Guardian medal, awarded to LCdr Timothy Berryhill and MS Keith Moreash.
  • The Canadian Forces Decoration, awarded to MCpl Joshua Beals, Cdr Jennifer Gosse, PO2 Lori MacCormick (1st Clasp) and CPO2 Michael Culligan (2nd Clasp)