2024 Excellence in Health Promotion Award

2024 Excellence in Health Promotion Award

By the Health Promotion Team

Are you or someone you know a health promoting superstar? Is there a group or committee of folks in your unit who prioritize health and wellness for the benefit of the unit?

Each year, Health Promotion Services sends out a request for nominees for our annual Excellence in Health Promotion Award. This award can be given to an individual, unit, or group who exemplifies health promotion over several core areas (nutritional wellness, social/mental wellbeing, addiction awareness, and active living/ injury prevention).

Ideally these are people who go above and beyond in their efforts. It could be through a project, initiative, or challenge that helps others to improve their health and wellness, or as someone who takes the initiative to bring awareness, promote programs, and are a known source of information and resources.

We want to hear about all the great things that is happening in our Defence Team community and the great people making it happen. We want to recognize those amazing people who are part of promoting a health and wellness culture.

Nominations remain open for the person or people who contributed to a health and wellness culture in 2023.