100 Days of Health

CAF Health and Wellness Challenge

By Health Promotion Staff,

The Health Promotion Team in Halifax is thrilled to invite the CAF and supporting Defense Team community to be part of something super exciting. We are launching a 2018 Health and Wellness Challenge that is bigger and better than ever…it will take place over 100 days.

Why 100 days?

One hundred days is an adequate amount of time to ingrain and maintain new healthy behaviours and it also coincides with 12 Wing Shearwater celebrating its 100th Anniversary.

Implementation of challenges such as 100 Days of Health have been shown to improve physical and mental health, while emphasizing social support and having fun through interactive competition. The small lifestyle choices we make in our day-to-day lives really do add up. Take for instance, electing to walk more by parking your car 100 metres further from work every day. Over a 30-year career, that simple decision would result in an additional 1,500 kilometres of walking. While it may seem unbelievable, walking this distance will burn more than 14 kg of fat.

All members of the CAF and the supporting Defense Team who register, will commit to 100 days of pre-set healthy behaviours and will then have the opportunity to:

  • Accumulate points to become eligible for some exciting prizes;
  • Gain self-awareness about their current health behaviors;
  • Learn many recommendations for nutrition; active living and injury prevention; social wellness; and addiction awareness; and
  • Positively influence their overall health for future years ahead.              

Join the challenge and make every choice count. For more information or to register visit By registering for the challenge, you will have access to health information, healthy eating tips, updates, and many other exclusive resources. Remember there is no day like the present to start making small lifestyle changes that will have a huge impact on your health.