Update on the Shearwater Yacht Club

Update on the Shearwater Yacht Club

Par PSP Halifax

The following regulations have been put in place to ensure Shearwater Yacht Club members and staff stay safe through the upcoming season.

Social distancing must be maintained at all times.

No more restriction on the number of members that can access the yard at the same time, nor on the length of time these members can spend in the yard (members only).

Launching of boats on trailers will now be allowed.

The normal lock will be placed on the main gate. You can access the yard on your own time as before.

Members will close the gate behind them when entering and leaving the yard.

The Clubhouse will remain closed to gatherings, but members can use the washrooms as long as the protocol below is followed:

Washroom Protocol: There will be paper towel and disinfectant in each washroom. Every member is instructed to wipe anything he or she touches with the disinfectant before leaving the washroom.