Pink Shirt Day sponsors thanked after another successful year

Representatives from the main sponsors behind CFB Halifax’s Pink Shirt Day initiative visited the base earlier in May for a thank-you from Base Commander Capt(N) Sean Williams for their support. On the left, Charlie Clerk from Fundy Textile & Design, and on the right, Bill Cullen from SANMAR.

Pink Shirt Day sponsors thanked after another successful year

Par l’équipe du Trident

Pink Shirt Day 2022 was a hit at CFB Halifax, with nearly $4,000 raised just through shirt sales and plenty of participation around the base on February 23.

The campaign encourages people to wear a pink shirt as a way to take a stand against bullying and promote compassion. It started in Nova Scotia in 2007, and has since gone worldwide. At CFB Halifax, this year’s custom shirts had the message “Be a force for kindness.”

With this year’s campaign wrapped up, Base Commander Capt(N) Sean Williams invited representatives from the two main sponsors behind Pink Shirt Day at the base for a special thank-you and presentation in recognition of their support. Charlie Clerk, President & CEO of Fundy Textile & Design and Bill Cullen, Atlantic Canada Regional Sales Manager with SanMar Canada both stopped by Base headquarters in early May.

“It’s become something that’s set in our schedule that we look forward to every year. We know when it’s spring time, we’ll be in touch with the base about pink shirts. We’re glad to be involved,” Clerk said.

Capt(N) Williams said the addition of online ordering for this year’s shirts allowed more people to participate and kept things orderly, making for the most successful year yet for the campaign at CFB Halifax.

“We just wanted a chance to say thank you to the people that helped us out,” he said.

“It’s getting more popular each year that we do it, and we start to get concerned that there actually won’t be enough shirts for the people that want them, so we very much appreciate the help in making it happen so smoothly.”

In an emailed statement, SANMAR Canada also expressed gratitude for being involved in Pink Shirt Day for the third straight year, and for an opportunity to get behind an important cause while also supporting the military community.

“We realize the importance of supporting a cause that funds programs which foster healthy self-esteem, which is why we continue to donate to the Pink Shirt Day fundraiser at Canadian Forces Base Halifax.”