COVID-19: Shift from Yellow to Green posture

COVID-19: Shift From Yellow to Green Posture

By CFB Halifax,

On Monday, July 12, MARLANT shifted from a Yellow (Protect) posture to a Green (Prevent) posture. This shift was based on local conditions, the point prevalence value for Nova Scotia’s Zone 4 – Central and considering MARLANT’s Measured Risk Response Guideline – recently modified to reflect the latest DM/CDS Directive (Reopening Strategy & Summer 2021 Posture)

While in the Green posture, non-medical masks (NMMs) ARE  required across MARLANT/Base properties if:

  • one is in a closed space (such as conference rooms/meeting rooms without open windows, elevators, etc.);
  •  one is in a common area (such as canteens, sitting areas, kitchenettes, etc. without open windows);
  •  one is in a poorly ventilated workspace; or
  •  one is in a situation where physical distancing cannot be maintained.

NMMs are NOT  required if:

  •  one is transiting between locations indoors and 2 metres physical distance can be maintained;
  •  one is alone and there is no possibility of encountering another person unexpectedly; or
  •  one is at their normal workstation (working as per usual and physically distanced).

Don’t forget to carry a NMM at all times while on the MARLANT Defence Establishment, even if you think you might not need it!

Please stay tuned for an updated Base Services Directory that reflects CFB Halifax service level changes based on this shift to the Green posture. Stay safe, everyone!