Base Commander’s Holiday Message

CFB Halifax Base Commander Capt (N) David Mazur.

Base Commander’s Holiday Message – 2019

By Capt(N) David Mazur,
Base Commander CFB Halifax

Greetings, CFB Halifax.

As the holiday season quickly approaches, I want to take this opportunity to thank each and every Defence Team member for their hard work and leadership over the course of this past year. Our local workforce of almost 11,000 military and civilian personnel, including our many deployed service members, are the core of our success. Our strength lies in our collective contributions and achievements – of which there were many in 2019.

As I look back on the past year, I cannot help but be inspired by the incredible breadth and level of work that has taken place across the Base. From our core tasks of supporting Force Generation and Force Employment needs of our Navy, Army and Airforce units and personnel, to enhancing our strong relationships with our local community, we have truly excelled in our work in 2019. The Base collaborated on a multitude of public events that have strengthened our ties to the local community. Bell Let’s Talk, Natal Day activities, Memorial Cup, the Royal Nova Scotia International Tattoo to name a few – these events had a significant impact on both our internal and external community, while increasing our public profile. Thanks to our partnerships with organizations such as United Way Halifax, the Halifax Chamber of Commerce, the Ward 5 Neighborhood Centre and Halifax Partnership, CFB Halifax has also had the chance to grow as an important partner across the region. Moreover, large-scale ceremonial events, such as the 50. Anniversary of the Kootenay disaster, have led us to collectively reflect on the service and sacrifice of those who have come before us. This is an important part of who we are and what we do, especially as we remember, reflect and celebrate the Royal Canadian Navy’s proud history through the upcoming 75. anniversary of the Battle of the Atlantic commemorations in May 2020.

I also want thank the DND/CAF Team for all they have done throughout the year to keep our local community safe and secure when called upon. Whether it was the efficient emergency response to Hurricane Dorian or the consistent operational readiness of our deployed personnel, we can find comfort in knowing that our safety is always a top priority for our Defence Team members. In this regard, let us not forget those who are deployed and away from family over the holidays supporting operations either domestically or overseas. Furthermore, I want to highlight the amazing work of our Base emergency services including the Fire Hall staff, Military Police, emergency response personnel, the Commissionaires, and everyone working tirelessly during the holidays ensuring that the Base remains safe and continues to support operations.

I hope all Defence Team members find some time for themselves over this holiday season. Sometimes throughout the year, with the hustle and bustle of everyday life, we can lose sight of what is most important. The holidays offer a time of rest, reflection and perspective. Whether it’s taking the time to read a good book, enjoy family time outdoors or volunteering at a local soup kitchen, I encourage everyone to take part in some form of self-care and caring for others in ways big and small.

As Base Commander and proud member of this vibrant community, I wish to thank you all and express to you what an incredible honour it is to serve CFB Halifax – today and every day. My family and I wish everyone a happy, restful and peaceful holiday season, followed by a healthy and prosperous 2020.