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CAF Sports Day

A Fleet run/walk through HMC Dockyard kicked off CAF Sports Day in Halifax.
Photo: Mona Ghiz, MARLANT PA

MARLANT takes part in national celebration of sport

By Ryan Melanson,
Trident Staff

CAF members across MARLANT took a break from their usual activities to celebrate the power of sports on October 20, as CAF Sports Day saw members take the morning to participate in a wide range of different sporting events across the formation.

The day kicked off at HMC Dockyard with a fleet run/walk, where Capt(N) Craig Skjerpen, Commander CANFLTLANT, offered some words of encouragement to the runners, and simultaneously at Stadacona, PSP staff and Base Commander Capt(N) Paul Forget kicked things off with some warmup exercises in the gym.

Capt(N) Forget stressed the importance of sport and physical activity to military life, and said Sports Day is all about celebrating the culture of fitness within the armed forces, while allowing for an inclusive environment to make sure all skill levels can enjoy themselves.

“We hope that everyone can find an activity they enjoy and have a little fun with it,” he said.

Members of the Fleet take part in road hockey outside Tribute Tower during CAF Sports Day on Friday, October 10.
Photo: Ryan Melanson, Trident Staff

And with variety of sports organized across Stadacona, Dockyard, 12 Wing Shearwater and other locations, there was something for everyone. Members played basketball, dodgeball, volleyball, road and ice hockey, and also signed up for yoga, bowling, jiu-jitsu, curling and more.

Halifax celebrated CAF Sports Day alongside members at bases and wings around the country and at deployed locations around the world, with more than 10,000 people taking part across the CAF throughout the day. This national celebration of sport has become an annual event, and this year, Sports Day culminated with the Mini Grey Cup in Halifax, while the day ended with the National CAF Sports Award Ceremony in Ottawa.