2021 Excellence in Health Promotion Award

By PSP Health Promotion,
S1 Ilana Domb (right) was presented the Excellence in Health Promotion Award on July 16 by Health Promotion Specialist Joy Geizer (left).

The Health Promotion Team is responsible for influencing the health and wellness of the CAF and Defence Team. As you can imagine, it is a monumental task to reach the thousands of members and their families across Formation Halifax.

We rely heavily on the Unit Health Rep Network. It is through the work the reps do that we are able to get our message out, provide updates on our programming, advise on upcoming challenges and initiatives that are happening locally, and get important feedback from the units.

Having a rep that prioritizes getting information out, takes initiative to take suggested activities and implement them to promote health and wellbeing, and liaises with our team to ensure we are serving the needs of the members, are key pieces to being an effective rep.

The Stadacona Band is fortunate to have two unit Health Promotion reps and on July 16, we recognized one of them as our recipient of the Excellence in Health Promotion Award for 2021.

S1 Ilana Domb is lively, enthusiastic, and passionate about mental health and opening the communication within the unit about supporting each other in mental wellness.

She was posted to the Stad Band in 2017 and complements the band as a french horn player. She said one of her most memorable moments was when the entire unit came together to support the Bell Let’s Talk Day initiative and work towards de-stigmatizing mental health.

She has embraced the role as co-rep and has demonstrated outstanding efforts of during the first wave of the pandemic in supporting the unit, posting webinars for the unit during COVID-19 shutdowns, announcing upcoming HP programs, conducting unit briefings on her role and responsibilities, providing resources, coordinating the unit’s participation with Bell Let’s Talk, putting her own energetic spins on promoting monthly health themes, and above all, maintaining open, regular, two-way communication with the health promotion team.

Normally presented during the annual CFB Halifax Sports Recognition Breakfast, we were thrilled to be able to present this award this year to S1 Domb in front of her unit and leadership.

S1 Domb continues her efforts with daily health and wellness messaging to the unit.