Police dog reporting for duty

Sgt and police dog
Sgt Justin Caron has been Vimy’s handler since the dog was 16 weeks old. The duo was recently assigned to CFB Halifax.
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Police dog now in service at CFB Halifax

By LS Alexandre Sausins,
MPU Halifax Community Relations

Not only does Vimy love his tummy rubs, but he also protects and serves in his role as the only military police dog in the CAF.

At 11-years-old, the pup has seen it all – from search and rescue to police defence to looking for narcotics. Yet throughout his changing career, his one constant companion has been Sgt Justin Caron. Sgt Caron first took him in at 16-weeks-old and has been his handler and best friend ever since.

“He lives with me 24/7 and works with me 24/7,” he said.

“He goes to every call with me. He may not leave the vehicle but he is always with me, ready to go.”

Starting as a general service dog, Vimy was originally chosen as he had a high prey drive. His skills were refined over the years through courses, exercises and real-life experience. At one time, it wasn’t uncommon for Vimy and Sgt Caron to respond to up to 130 calls a year. As of late, Vimy has been working less in the field, but his skills still remain sharp. He easily shifts from being an affection-seeking pup to a dog ready to work with a word of command. “He enjoys doing it,” said Sgt Caron. “It is a game, it’s fun and it has a purpose.”

Vimy is great for morale wherever he goes, whether at the station waiting for a call or out at events in the community. He attracts attention wherever he goes. “You can bring tanks, you can bring aircraft but when the dog comes out, people are drawn to you,” said Sgt Caron.

If you see Vimy and Sgt Caron around any of the Community Events, please feel free to come over talk to them. Vimy is a friendly dog, but be mindful that he is a trained police canine, so unless Sgt Caron says that it is okay to approach Vimy, then please refrain from touching him.

Vimy and Sgt Caron both started with Military Police Unit Halifax on August 1, 2017. We don’t know how long they will spend time with us here in Halifax, but we sure are excited to have them with us.