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MARLANT Male Athlete of the Year

MARLANT Male Athlete of the Year Lt(N) Cody Brown is seen in action at the 2017 CAF National Basketball Championship this past April in Borden. Photo: OS Camden Scott, CFB Borden Imagery

Basketball standout named MARLANT Male Athlete of the Year

By Ryan Melanson,
Trident Staff

After being an integral member of the CFB Halifax men’s basketball team for the better part of a decade, and coming off an especially busy 2016 playing CAF and CISM ball, MARLANT’S Male Athlete of the Year says he feels grateful for all the opportunity he’s had playing sports in the military.

Lt(N) Cody Brown started playing with the base team seven years ago shortly after joining the Navy and meeting long-time coach Kevin Miller, with experience under his belt playing at Mount Saint Vincent University. Soon after, he was scouted by CISM coaches as well, and he’s been heavily involved in CAF basketball ever since.

“I was actually pretty shocked, because I’m mainly a one-sport athlete with basketball, but I have done a lot with that sport,” he said about receiving the award, which was presented at the CFB Halifax Sports Recognition Breakfast on May 15.

The past year saw Lt(N) Brown and the base team win yet another gold medal at CAF regionals and a silver at nationals, while he also contributed at CISM tournaments in Belgium and Germany. He was also a key component of the base team during its streak of four consecutive gold medals at CAF nationals from 2011-2014.

Lt(N) Brown, a MARS officer posted to HMCS Fredericton, said he credited and thanked his new chain of command for the nomination that got him the title, which also puts him in the running for the wider RCN and CAF Athlete of the Year awards later this year.

He said he has no plans to slow down with basketball anytime soon, and after CAF nationals this past April, he’s now looking ahead to an annual NATO tournament this fall in Belgium with the CISM squad, and then to regionals and nationals again next year, where the CFB Halifax team will look to capture the gold after falling short two years in a row.

Basketball has become a significant part of his experience in the RCN so far, and he said he’s very appreciative of the all the chances to play and all the great teammates and coaches he’s been able to work with and build camaraderie and relationships with.

“Playing basketball has honestly been the best part of being in the military for me, and I’m somebody who still enjoys my job otherwise. The sports aspect is very motivating, it keeps me fit and in shape, and some of my best friends that I’ve made have been members of the base team of the CISM team.”