BLog celebrates 50th anniversary

Cdr Steve Hamilton, Formation Comptroller, speaks to BLog members at Tribute Tower on February 1 during a gathering to celebrate the branch’s 50th anniversary.

CAF Logistics Branch celebrates golden anniversary

By Lt(N) Suzanne McIntosh,

The 50th anniversary of the CAF Logistics Branch occurred on February 1, 2018. On this day, the celebratory Year of the Logistician began in Halifax with a visit from the Royal Canadian Navy’s Comptroller, Capt(N) David Colbourne. After his travel plans were altered by the weather, he kicked off the Logistic Branch 50th Anniversary as host for the In-Year Financial Management Forum. MARLANT and JTFA L3 comptrollers and budget staff met in the new conference facilities of Tribute Tower.

Also present in Halifax for the 50th Anniversary were the RCN Financial Services Officer, Cdr Serge Croteau, and the RCN Comptroller Chief, CPO1 Daniel Roach. They hosted local FSAs and Logistics Officers to discuss many relevant topics, such as state of the trade, ongoing initiatives, advisor activities, training and occupational boards. MARLANT’s own CPO2 Tina Pace discussed local FSA issues and led a question and answers session for the group.

Finally it was time for birthday cake. At noon, logisticians from around the Formation gathered in the Main Hall of Tribute Tower for a cake cutting. The cake was of superior quality and expertly fashioned by Heather Scott at Juno Tower, who works under the umbrella of Personnel Support Programs. It was cut by Capt(N) Colbourne and the youngest sailor present, LS Kimberley Latter. The location was fitting as the grand windows of the Main Hall hold a view that encompasses the entire Macdonald Bridge where a Logistics Branch Flag was flying as part of the day’s celebrations.

Heather Scott, a cook supervisor in the galley at Juno Tower, created and decorated the birthday cake to mark the 50th anniversary of the Logistics Branch.

The 50th Anniversary of the Logistics Branch celebrates many years of local and dedicated service by Canadian Logisticians to the CAF and DND. The Branch is currently composed of 11,360 Regular Force members and 4,130 Reserve Force members, whose support is integral of the operations of the CAF. Specialties under the Branch umbrella include: supply, transport, movements, financial services, human resource administration, food services, postal services, and ammunition.

The day following the anniversary, Maritime Operations Group Five hosted a pancake breakfast. Once again, logisticians from across MARLANT and JTFA came together to rally the Branch and enjoy each other’s company. We look forward to a great Year of the Logistician and many more activities planned across the nation to commemorate this significant milestone. Events being planned within the Atlantic Region include a curling bonspiel, golf tournament, and a Logistics Branch relay. More information about the Branch, anniversary activities and the Branch Fund can be found online at