Crew Spotlight: LS Morin

LS Jean-Francois Morin, a Marine Engineering Technician serving aboard HMCS Charlottetown during Operation REASSURANCE in the Mediterranean Sea, 26 November 2017.
Photo: Cpl J.W.S. Houck, FIS

HMCS Charlottetown Crew Spotlight: LS Morin

LS Jean-François Morin from Jonquière, Québec is a Marine Systems Engineer and member of the Propulsion section aboard HMCS Charlottetown. In an interview conducted aboard Charlottetown while the ship was transiting between Toulon, France and Split, Croatia, he had this to say about his deployment experiences in the RCN:

Have you ever deployed before?

Yes, this is my second NATO deployment. I have also sailed on Op CARIBBE. My longest sail so far was the six-and-a-half months I spent on my first NATO deployment.

What do you do on board?

I am a Cert 2 Machinery Control Console (MCC) Operator. I work in the Machinery Control Room and the engine rooms. My job is mainly plant monitoring, corrective and planned maintenance, stability monitoring, and liquid load management.

What did you expect the deployment to be like?

Because this was my second big deployment, I knew a little more about what it would be like than the first time I sailed. Overall, this deployment is similar; there are photo exercises, Replenishments and Sea, operations with other NATO ships, and the routine maintenance and breakdown drills expected on any sail. The deployment is better than I expected though, largely because of the strong leadership both within my department and seen in the ship as a whole. Time flies when you are keeping busy and working hard next to good, hardworking people. If you are well prepared and have good support from home, a deployment can really be as good as you make it.

What do you do for fun when you aren’t deployed overseas?         

I have a passion for mechanics, especially for working on and riding dirt bikes. I am also interested in the outdoors and enjoy hiking in my free time.

On ship to relax, I read forums and magazines about mechanics and watch movies

What is one great thing about your ship?

The best thing about my ship is the professional and friendly members of department. They are great people who are genuinely enjoyable to work with.