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CISM Cross-Country Championship

The RCN representatives on Canada’s CISM Cross-Country team, from left, Lt(N) Natalia Borszczow, Lt(N) Michael Bergeron, and LS Mark Brown.
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MARLANT runners compete at CISM event in Hungary

By Ryan Melanson,
Trident Staff

Fifteen CAF members from across the country travelled Balatonakarattya, Hungary during the first of week November to compete at the CISM World Military Cross-Country Championship, and among them were MARLANT representatives Lt(N) Michael Bergeron and Lt(N) Natalia Borszczow.

The teams raced across a 2.3km outdoor cross-country course, with different numbers of laps depending on the category. Canada’s long course male team (5 laps for a total of 21.5km) placed 14th out of 19 teams, while the short course male team (2 laps for a total of 4.6km) placed 12th out of 16 teams. The Canadian female team, which also raced the 4.6km short course, placed 12th out of 16 teams.

In total, 236 competitors from 25 different countries competed in the CISM event, with 229 of the racers completing their respective courses.

Full results for the Canadian team are as follows:

Long course male 11.5km
Matt Setlack, 57th, 39:18
James MacLellan, 72nd, 40:52
Christopher Busset, 77th, 41:27
Michael Bergeron, 80th, 41:38
Alexandre Boule, 83rd, 42:23
Samuel Serviss, 86th, 42:40
Short course male 4.6km
Craig Fettes, 36th, 15:23
Logan Roots, 46th, 15:51
Vincent Duguay, 53rd, 15:59
Mark Brown, 54th, 16:03
Short course female 4.6 km
Celine Best, 33rd, 17:52
Maria McGregor, 41st, 18:23
Isabelle Turner, 45th, 19:03
Lori Coady, 47th, 19:12
Natalia Borszczow, 49th, 19:38