CANEX and SISIP give back

From left, CANEX CFB Halifax Manager Glenn Banfield, Base Commander Capt(N) Paul Forget, and SISIP Branch Manager Jim Boylan at Juno Tower on November 15, where CANEX and SISIP presented a cheque for $179,967 to the CFB Halifax and 12 Wing Shearwater base/wing fund.
Photo: Ryan Melanson/Trident Staff

CANEX/SISIP give back to Formation Halifax

By Ryan Melanson,
Trident Staff

CANEX and SISIP Financial have been serving military communities across Canada for nearly 50 years, and it’s no different at CFB Halifax. CAF members support these CFMWS organizations with their hard-earned money, and in turn, CANEX and SISIP give some of those funds back each year to support base initiatives.

This year, the giving back came in the form of a cheque for an impressive $179,967 toward the base/wing fund covering CFB Halifax and 12 Wing Shearwater. The cheque was recently presented to CFB Halifax Base Commander Capt(N) Paul Forget by local CANEX Manager Glenn Banfield and SISIP Branch Manager Jim Boylan.

CANEX and SISIP have always used a portion of their profits to contribute back to the base/wing fund, in accordance with their mandate of supporting military members and their families. They began presenting the amount with a ceremonial cheque three years ago to help illustrate the mutually beneficial relationship between the different entities. This year’s presentation was made in the Sea Room inside Juno Tower on November 15, with CFMWS employees from CANEX, SISIP and PSP joined by military personnel including Capt(N) Forget, BAdm Officer Cdr Pat Perks and BAdm Chief CPO1 Sifton Mosher.

“As divisions of CFMWS, we’re here to enhance the quality of life of the military community. It’s what we do,” Boylan said. He explained that this includes the insurance, investment, savings and other financial services offered by SISIP, as well as the products and helpful payment plans offered by CANEX, and then extends to other initiatives in support of the formation, like the annual cheque presentation.

“We see this as a testament to our commitment and support for the formation and for the CAF members. None of this is possible without their patronage of CANEX and without them utilizing the products and services offered by SISIP,” he said.

Capt(N) Forget said he’s been working since taking over the Base Commander role to encourage his Formation members to take advantage of the services and products offered by CFMWS as much as possible.

“We’re helping ourselves when we take advantage of these things, and the service is always fantastic,” he said, adding that another nearly $200,000 for the base/wing fund is just an extra reminder that spending money at CANEX and SISIP directly benefits the military community. He also commended PSP Halifax for its recent work in support of CAF Sports Day and a slew of better-health related activities.

“Everything we’re doing for betterment of our service members is on the right track, and a contribution like this goes a long way in helping with that.”