Campus Atlantic holds divisions

Naval Fleet School Atlantic & Naval Training Development Centre Atlantic line up in formation for a Ceremonial Division Parade Group Shot at Porteous Field on July 29.
Photo: Mona Ghiz, MARLANT PA

Divisions held for NFS(A) and NTDC(A)

By Virginia Beaton,
Trident Staff

Promotions and professional achievements were celebrated during Naval Fleet School Atlantic and Naval Training Development Centre Atlantic divisions, held on Porteous Field in Stadacona on Thursday, June 29, 2017.

A number of personnel were promoted, as follows: PO1 Lavigne promoted to the rank of CPO2; PO2 Vigneault promoted to the rank of PO1; PO2 Arnold promoted to the rank of A/L PO1; MS MacGillivary promoted to rank of PO2; MS Smith promoted to the rank of PO2; LS Phillips promoted to the rank of MS; LS Fleming promoted to the rank of MS; OS Bryan promoted to the rank of AB; and OS Bryan promoted to the rank of A/LS.

Medals were awarded, as follows: LS Wills received the South West Asia rotation Bar; LS Smith received the NATO Active Endeavour medal; and LS West received the CD1, and MS Harlow received the Watchkeeping Certificate.

“What a great day, and really well done, everyone,” said Cdr Pete Lebel in his remarks to the assembled military members. “We as a team are making very good strides, real strides.”

He thanked personnel for their participation through the last year, saying, “Thanks for your honesty on how to have a better learning experience. We’re acting on your feedback.”

Cdr Lebel pointed out that NFS Atlantic works to prepare personnel for the RCN’s future requirements, and to contribute to operational excellence, observing, “The Royal Canadian Navy is always ready to respond when called upon.”

During the flooding crisis in Quebec in May, for example, he said, “Naval Fleet School Atlantic responded immediately.” Noting that the July 1 holiday was approaching and with it, Canada’s 150th birthday, Cdr Lebel concluded by wishing everyone well and stating, “I am confident that we are well positioned for the future.”

Cdr Allen Fry also congratulated the assembly, observing, “You have worked hard this year.” He described the role the RCN has played in Canadian history, referring to some of its challenges especially in wartime, saying that it “must be able to defend the maritime frontier.”

The RCN “is achieving effect for Canada,” according to Cdr Fry.
At the end of the ceremony, Cdr Fry invited all the military personnel and guests at the ceremony to join him in a photo that would include the Canada 150 flag, as a memento of the occasion.