2017 NDWCC wrap-up

Cdr Corey Gleason (left), Commanding Officer HMCS Harry DeWolf, winds up to put a pie in the face of his Coxswain, CPO1 Gerry Doucet (right) during the NDWCC Kick-off Event at Tribute Tower Dining Hall, Halifax, Nova Scotia on September 19, 2017.

2017 NDWCC results reveal fun-filled, successful year of fundraising

By Capt(N) Paul W. Forget,
Base Commander, CFB Halifax

For MARLANT, the fall 2017 National Defence Workplace Charitable Campaign (NDWCC) saw an enthusiastic beginning this past September with four kick-off events held at Stadacona, FMF Cape Scott, Royal Artillery Park, and 12 Wing Shearwater. That running start was the first indication of a successful NDWCC fundraising season, as units throughout the base and Fleet quickly and eagerly launched their own fundraisers. From gift card trees and bake sales to silent auctions and BBQs, our military and civilian personnel got creative with their efforts to ensure funds would be raised for a wide range of social, health and community agencies via the United Way and HealthPartners.

Base Information Services’ mock jail was a surprise hit, up $900 from last year, reaching a total of $1,100 raised. HMC ships St. John’s, Fredericton and Charlottetown had major success with their Run the Rock, Bike for Wishes and Run for Wishes events, respectively, with money from these three events contributing significantly to our fundraising total. A Leadership Breakfast for military members in senior positions yielded over $1,000 for the campaign; even the Boot Drive bore positive results, bringing in extra funds from personnel passing through the gates at CFB Dockyard.

As the majority of NDWCC activities were winding down in December, several big ticket events and announcements were still on the horizon. The Christmas Daddies 50K Run took place early that month, an annual and ever-popular tradition for Fleet Diving Unit (A) that raised an impressive $13,000. Then just before the holidays, the winners of the $12,964 NDWCC Chase the Ace jackpot and $3,141 50/50 prize were announced. These initiatives topped up our NDWCC thermometer for the season, bringing our grand total to an outstanding $540,000.

While raising money for organizations that positively impact our community and our country is the main objective for the NDWCC, it is not the only goal. CFB Halifax and the greater MARLANT Formation comprise a large piece of the HRM pie in terms of both physical property and people, and we recognize the impact we have on our surrounding community. Our military and civilian personnel make a positive impact in the community both during and outside of working hours. Whether it be through volunteering with charities, coaching a sports team, helping out a neighbour or simply being kind to a fellow citizen, our members are consistently giving back, getting involved and really appreciating and understanding the communities in which we live and do business.

On December 7, 2017, 10 teams of military personnel from several of our units participated in Wake Up Halifax, a citywide Day of Action organized by United Way Halifax to commemorate the centenary of the Halifax Explosion. The teams volunteered with numerous organizations, offering their skills in general maintenance, painting and carpentry, among others.

We also invited representatives from charitable organizations onto the base for Professional Development Days during which they spoke about the incredibly important initiatives happening in our own back yard. These types of activities don’t result in money raised, but the education and experience is a priceless and important component of our NDWCC framework and our greater vision as a military base.

The success of the 2017 NDWCC couldn’t have been achieved without the help of all Defence Team personnel who planned or participated in events, contributed through payroll, volunteered in the community or took a lead on NDWCC coordination within their units.

Special thanks go out to: Cdr Patrick Perks and Cdr Corey Gleason, NDWCC Campaign Directors; 2Lt Adam Byrne, NDWCC Campaign Assistant Director; Lt(N) David Gallant, NDWCC Coordination Officer; A/SLt Pamela Kent, NDWCC Logistics Officer; Lt(N) Ryan Arnold, Senior Group Coordinator of the Fleet; CPO1 Gerry Doucet; Cpl David Hernandez-Tremblay, Senior Group Coordinator at Stadacona; Capt Donald Frederick, Senior Group Coordinator at 12 Wing Shearwater; WO Eric Veillette; MCpl Antoine Maldague-Mathieu, Senior Group Coordinator at Willow Park and Windsor Park; Leona Mercer, CFAD; Glenda Mercer, DRDC; WO Rachel Boucher, BIS; Lt(N) Jerry Kowalski, Senior Group Coordinator at HMC Dockyard; and Lt(N) Chantal Davis, D201. Bravo Zulu to all for a fun and successful fundraising season.